Department of Computer Science and Engineering

About the Department

Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering Established in the year of 1998 , we have an excellent & rich history and an outstanding record of contributions to the profession and community. The Department is well recognized for excellence in facilities and teaching. The aim of the programs is to enable students to acquire specialized knowledge for various subjects in Computer Science & Engineering, as well as to enrich the student’s personal, social and cognitive development to meet challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Department is well equipped with high end computers, latest software & state - of - the - art IT infrastructure and all these computing resources are inter - connected with high speed intranet having 12 Mbps Internet connectivity to the outside world. Our students are exposed to up -to-date curriculum, technology and techniques. The Department has well experienced & dedicated faculty members with different specializations. We have well equipped laboratories with state -of-the-art facilities like servers, workstations, thin clients, mobile terminals, desktops and networking devices.