Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

About the Department

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The department puts great emphasis on developing strong technical, analytical and communication skills so that the students going for industry jobs have the necessary technical foundation for competing postgraduate studies for diversified careers in research, management, entrepreneurship etc. The department achieves these objectives through focus on all important areas of student development during the stay at BNEC. Special attention is given to provide practical orientation to the teaching learning process and several innovative programs including modern labs, practical and industrial training, independent minor and major projects, visits to industry and industrial fairs, strong institute industry interface, lectures by guest speakers etc. are conducted regularly.

The department regularly takes various initiatives for giving our students a clear and decisive edge in employability through academic and supplementary programs based on industry tracking and feedback. These include Personality Development courses, soft skill courses and employment oriented technical and management courses. Well designed and comprehensive student feedback and counseling system are in place for continuous reorientation as necessary.

The department places great importance on research and several of its faculty members are engaged in research areas of current interest.